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Silas Simmons CPAWe live in a complex world. There are rules and more rules, regulations and more regulations. Somewhere out there, there are opportunities. Everyone is trying to sell them to you. Independence. Integrity. Objectivity. These are not commodities. In fact, in this day, they are quite rare. For eighty-five years, the family of Silas Simmons, LLP has tried hard to help our clients uncover the real opportunities and capitalize on them while navigating the minefields of regulation.

Within, we hope you will find some useful information about our firm, a description of some of our services, articles that might be of interest, and some useful financial tools. For those who might be interested in the challenging and rewarding opportunities of helping our clients achieve their success, we invite you to see our career opportunities.

If we can help, please give us a call. You may call our office at 601/442-7411, or e-mail info@silassimmons.com.

Silas Simmons, LLP

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